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Our site is very fortunate to have a diverse group of Educators who vary in their teaching experiences, expertise, and knowledge. We are staffed with up to three Early childhood-trained Teachers, one Early Childhood Worker, and a site Director. When required, we employ regular relief staff who are familiar with the kindergarten and children.

“Connecting with Children and Families”

Planning & Reporting

Context Statement

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Annual Report

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Learning Framework

At Fulham Park Preschool Kindergarten staff self-reflect through a cycle of planning, to ensure the delivery of a high quality program that is based on play. We believe learning occurs as a result of a curriculum that responds to the spontaneous, dynamic, changing environment where educators are partners and co-learners. Educators and children create learning partnerships in a responsive manner where children feel empowered, have a sense of ownership, and take pride in themselves and their learning.

The learning environment and framework is reflective of the individual needs and interests of the children attending, and is evident throughout the kindergarten. Using R,R,R, and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Literacy and Numeracy Indicators as tools for inquiry and learning, curriculum support and reflective practice, educators create learning environments and playful curriculum that encourages and supports children holistically.

Our Staff

Aly Davis

Director & Teacher


Silvina Muino



Sarah McPhillips


Wendy Lee

ECW/Preschool Support

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